ACLS Classes- Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support 

Course Description

OCEMT’s ACLS classes are designed to aid healthcare professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively and efficiently manage adult patients suffering from known or suspected myocardial infarction (MI). Students will review treatment protocols and play an active role in the resuscitation efforts of patients in cardiac arrest followed by post-resuscitation care.  To best prepare students to successfully manage cardiac arrhythmias in the field, OCEMT’s ACLS classes incorporate a wide variety of lifelike cardiac based training scenarios.  Additionally, OCEMT’s ACLS class criteria includes education and training to provide emergency medical care for patients suffering from a Stroke. 

Target Audience

This course is intended for Registered Nurse, Paramedic, Respiratory Therapist, Medical Doctor, and professionals that must maintain a current ACLS card as a condition of employment. ACLS is strongly recommended for the aspiring Paramedic and RN.

Required Text

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support. Text books may be purchased online prior to class start date.

Class Length

Typically classes run for approximately 16 hrs. If you are new to ACLS. For those students that are ACLS renewal, courses run 6 hours.


To participate in ACLS, students should have a firm understanding of cardiac arrhythmias, pharmacology, and strength in ECG interpretation. You are required to have a current Healthcare provider card.

We offer

  1. 12 hour initial course  for $190
  2. 6 hour renewal course for $150
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