Part-Time Paramedic Course

This comprehensive Paramedic Program meets the standards of Title 22, from the California Code of Regulations, derived from the current National Standard Curriculum and formulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation. The Program consists of the following components: Didactic, Skills Labs, Clinical Internship, Field Experience, and Capstone Field Internship. Upon completion of the Program, a Course Completion Certificate is issued allowing students to apply for the National Registry Exam and then Licensure.


To provide the highest level of Emergency Medical Training and Education to persons seeking Employment, Career Development, or Personal Development in the Pre-Hospital setting, by exceeding National Standards and staying at the forefront of EMS Education.


Through Commitment, Dedication, and Perseverance, we will become a nationally recognized Emergency Medical Training Program that specializes in all EMS certifications at the State and National levels, while always maintaining excellence within our program.

Required Course Hours

Didactic: 344 Hours
Skills Labs: 184 Hours
Hospital Clinical: 168 Hours
Field Experience: 24 Hours
Field Internship: 384 Hours     Capstone Field Internship: 192 Hours
Total: 1296 Hours



Part-Time Paramedic Class

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