Nights & Weekends EMT Course

OCEMT provides the most comprehensive and thorough EMT training for those who truly want to build a lasting career in emergency medicine.  This program is designed to give the students the skills and knowledge to work as an Emergency Medical Technician at the basic level and to facilitate the passing of the National Registry.

Our accredited Nights and Weekends EMS programs provide the most up-to-date and thorough emergency medical training. OCEMT’s 10-week EMT class consists of 212 hours of EMT training. We delve deep into the course material covering all aspects of EMT Basic training. OCEMT’s night & weekend EMT courses offer up to date, practical & marketable EMT training guaranteed to provide you with the necessary skills to become a leader in your field. OCEMT Courses are specifically designed to prepare students for a career as an Emergency Health Care Provider in the prehospital setting. Course material is drawn from the current National Education Standards Curriculum. This program places a strong emphasis on academic achievement as well as a solid understanding of the importance of teamwork.

Accredited Nights & Weekends EMT course training

This course is designed for students who prefer an accelerated schedule in a traditional class format.

Key objectives of understanding:

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Clinical knowledge and application for treatment of the sick and injured
  • Common sense approach to solve problems
  • Safety of ourselves and others
  • Ethics and Integrity

Course Schedules:

Orientation Day:  Monday, October 3, 2022 @ 5pm

Course Dates:  October 10, 2022 – December 17, 2022 – We will not be holding classes the week of Thanksgiving.

Course Time: Mondays & Wednesdays 5pm – 9pm.  Saturdays from 9am – 3pm.

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TUITION:  $1,400


  • Uniform
  • ICS 100 & 700
  • OCEMS Accreditation Course
  • NREMT Skills
  • Practice Final Exam
  • (2) Ambulance Observation
  • Course Completion Certification

The Deposit/Registration Fee: $500 enrollment fee is required to enroll in the course and will be deducted from the total tuition.  If payment is not made in full the student will have 14 days from the course start date to pay the balance or will be placed on a payment plan.

A Non-Refundable $100.00 fee will be retained by OCEMT for any course cancellations occurring 14 days or less from the start date of the course.


  • E-Textbook and Navigate 2 Preferred Online Resource:  $162.41
  • FISDAP:  EMT Assessment Package:  $94.50
  • OCEMT Background Screening:  $39.00
  • American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Provider Certification (If not certified or current prior to orientation) – $50.00
  • EMS Health Clearance:  $25.00


  • Must show proof of High School Graduations such as H.S. Diploma or High School Transcript verifying graduation, G.E.D, or ATB
  • Have a current CPR for Healthcare Provider certification (Course provided the second day of class)
  • No criminal background
  • 18 years of age by National Registry Exam Appointment


Students are required to purchase the following e-textbook and online resources prior to the start of class.  Please click on the hyperlinks to purchase.

E-Textbook and Navigate 2 Preferred Online Resource 
Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured Includes Navigate 2 Preferred Access,
Eleventh Edition

ISBN: 9781284131703
Total: $162.41

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FISDAP Assessment package

ISBN: 9781284131987
Total:  $94.50

You will need a Laptop, iPad or Smart Phone for online access